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Community FUND

Why a community fund?

This is a community programme. We want it to be as inclusive and transparent as possible, and we are applying this thought to our sponsorship and donation process as well.

Companies and individuals in the Ethereum development space can contribute to the Community Blockstars Programme by donating to the Community Fund. B9lab will match the seats sponsored by the community, the goal is to have 500 developers in each of the two programmes planned for 2019.

Read the official announcement here

Community Fund

How it works

Community contributors can give as little or as much as they wish and in DAI.

Each 999 DAI received in the fund means one additional student can be admitted to the programme. Moreover another one will be granted and sponsored by B9lab.

The funds are paid into a multisig wallet, and payouts to B9lab have to be approved by two independent community keyholders.

70% of each seat funded will be paid out in advance, and the other 30% after the B9lab team have graded all exam submissions at the end of the programme.

Community Fund

Who are the Fund keyholders

0x18f8b549c1e319A402714236A344D657E371a9C0 - Chelsea Palmer
0xc8dc1367bf569377b32d6a382de872074a8358df - Maria Paula Fernandez
0xdE74DA73D5102A796559933296C73e7D1C6F37Fb - B9lab

How to contribute to the fund

Donate in Fiat Currency

You can contribute in USD, EUR, GBP or CAD. Please let us know here.

Donate in Cryptocurrency

You can donate in DAI using the address below.

Our wallet address


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General Security Info

The only valid url for this page is

Make sure you are using a SSL connection to view this page. We are using Let's Encrypt for our Server Certificates.

Our wallet address includes a checksum.

Any official announcement will be made on this page ( - in doubt, send us an email at, or check our Telegram channel b9lab.

As always, never share any passwords or private keys with anyone.

Smart Contract

We are using gnosis MultiSigWallet v0.4.15 (view on github). You can see further details about our Smart Contract on Etherscan.